Design of products for series or artisanal production User centric approach and use of creative thinking to solve problems and encourage innovation (design thinking) Research on brand identity, corporate values ​​and target audience UX design, analysis of product usability and evaluation of unused or desired features 2D and 3D CAD modeling 3D rendering 3D animation Creation or adaptation of files for prototyping (3D printing)
Management and creation of customized websites e-Commerce Website optimization and improvement of ranking in results organic search engines (SEO) Social Media Marketing Customer Relationship Management Creation and management of LMS platforms (E-learning, Distance Learning)
Creation of logos and corporate identity Portfolios Brochures Catalogs Posters Invitations and business cards Vectorization of images and logos
Organization of communication on social media and feedback management Development of the company brand Planning, strategy and goal setting Identification of target customers and consistent choice of UGC (User Generated Content) Development of brand awareness and online reputation management